What Is Hemp Used For?

What Is Hemp Used For?

A better question than ‘what is hemp used for?’ would be ‘what isn’t hemp used for’? And the answer to that would be an ironic ‘it isn’t used for getting high’. The hemp plant is just a different variety of the cannabis plant which contains less than 1{bc7c24ab0152b9493fd1fd1a0cbe6883610a530b620fb6e34e6b04ede34e4655} THC in it, but it comes with many more uses than just smoking it, unlike those beautiful neon green buds with purple and orange trichomes that can blow your mind. Before wondering to yourself ‘what is hemp used for?’, it’s probably better to split it into different categories of all the parts of the plant. The seeds, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant can all be used for wildly different things. It’s unfortunate that hemp is still illegal for no good reason in many parts of the world, but the plant could potentially be an extremely profitable crop with very limited environmental consequences.

What Are Hemp Seeds Used For?

Hemp seeds can be used to extract oil from, for the production of CBD hemp oils. CBD oils can be used as dietary supplements by anyone and everyone, and can also be used to significantly reduce the symptoms of all kinds of illnesses. Generally, however, since hemp contains virtually no other cannabinoids whatsoever, it is not nearly as effective in a medicinal context as cannabis oils which include THC and more. Besides that, the seeds can be used as food, since they are extremely nutritious. Hemp seeds can be used to simply enrich other foods, or processed into hemp milk or hemp butter.

The Flowers And Leaves

Like hemp seeds, the leaves of the hemp plant are also packed full of nutrients, so the leaves are also quite useful in the development of all types of health products. Skin creams, ointments, face masks, you name it. CBD is also extracted from the leaves for the production of medicinal CBD oils as well.


The Stalks

The stalks and stems of the hemp plant could be used to great benefit in such a versatile number of ways. One of the first things that come to my mind when I am asked ‘what is hemp used for?’ are textiles. Hemp fibers can be used for so many things including, but not limited to: textiles and clothing, canvases, paper, construction materials, biofuel, and even plastic composites.