The most versatile at-home gym equipment to buy now

The most versatile at-home gym equipment to buy now

Forget toilet paper. People are now panic buying gym equipment.

The frenzy has come after gyms across Australia closed their doors under Prime Minster Scott Morrison’s new physical distancing restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Fitness stores are being inundated with shoppers desperately purchasing items to set up their home gyms while in isolation.

But there’s no need to splash your cash on sets of dumbbells, weights and exxy gym equipment to stay fit and maintain those #gainz.

In fact, all you really need are a few (inexpensive) essentials to set up your own at-home gym. So save your cash and get ready to sweat, because we’ve rounded up our top picks.

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TRX bands

Anchor these bands to the wall or a sturdy door and you get a full-body training system that builds lean muscle while perfecting your posture. Try the PTP Resistance System ($69.99 at The Iconic). It even comes with a guide of 50+ exercises you can do using the bands.

Sweat pack

Unit Nine’s Sweat Pack ($95 at Unit Nine), comes with everything you need to get a full-body workout – three resistance brands of different levels, a long resistance band, skipping rope, trigger point ball, sliders (dayum, these will make you sweat), and even three workouts created by celeb PT Sarah Boulazeris. And once we get through this coronavirus pandemic, this pack will become your travel BFF.

Exercise ball

Challenge your posture while activating your abs, pelvic floor and back with the PTP Core Ball ($49.99 at The Iconic). It’s also perfect for stretching and makes for a great alternative to your chair for those currently working from home.

Yoga mat

Whether you’re flowing through a yoga sequence, stretching out your muscles or HIIT’ing it out, a yoga mat is basically the basic essential to any workout. Get yourself CHUCKHA’s Palms Cork Yoga Mat ($79 at CHUCHKA). Not only are Chuchka’s eco-friendly yoga mats made from 100 per cent rubber, cork and microfiber suede, but they’re also free from toxic PVC and machine washable, too. Moreover, the addition of cork has antimicrobial properties which resists germs and odours.

Foam roller

Don’t even think about going a week without foam rolling. It’s an essential recovery item if your goal is to het the best results when it comes to your performance. Foam rolling relieves tension in the muscles while also lengthening them, helping you recover and gain flexibility. It’s also key to massaging out your fascia. It’ll also give you something to do while watching TV. This Foam Roller ($8 at Kmart) is also an inexpensive investment.

Ankle weights

They’re an easy way to amp up your workout to the next level without having the physically hold anything. Simply fix them to your ankles before your usual exercise to increase resistance and help tone your lower body. You can even try strap them around your wrist for an arm workout, minus the need for a kettlebell or dumbbells. Try these 1kg Circuit Ankle Weights ($10 at BIG W).

to practise sensible physical distancing, of course). We love Nike’s react Infinity Run ($230 at Nike). Nike have taken all the feedback from its predecessors to create their most comfortable, flexible, lightweight and supportive running shoe to date. With more foam and improved upper details, you can enjoy your run without the risk of injury.

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