How to Choose The Best Lubricant For Menopause Dryness

How to Choose The Best Lubricant For Menopause Dryness

In menopause, there is a decrease in the synthesis of sex hormones, which affects the mechanism of natural lubrication. This is displayed on the general condition of the vaginal mucosa, causing dryness. Prolonged dryness provokes the development of irritation, with which artificial lubrication helps cope. The best lubricant for menopause dryness restores the mucous membrane, beneficially affecting the maintenance of the vaginal microflora.

Causes of Vaginal Dryness During Menopause

During the period of attenuation of the reproductive system, a decrease in the production of sex hormones is noted. This is a key reason why vaginal dryness develops. Natural lubrication becomes less dense and plentiful, which causes the mucous membrane to dry out. This is fraught with the development of microtraumas and the attachment of a bacterial infection.

The lack of lubrication causes a lot of inconveniences not only during intercourse but also in everyday life. Against the background of natural aging processes, the vagina becomes shorter and narrower, but this is not a reason to refuse an intimate life. It’s time to start to use the best natural lubricant for menopause dryness.

Types Of The Best Lubricants For Menopause

Depending on which substance underlies the moisturizer, there are several types of lubricants:

  • On a gel basis. These are created from synthetic substances (silicone), which complement with fragrances and oils. The silicone best lubricant for menopause dryness quickly spreads over the vaginal area, retains its properties for 5-8 hours, does not leak and leaves virtually no residue on underwear. The disadvantage is the fact that, if it is necessary to eliminate it, the washing process is complicated. In most cases, you have to wait a day for the grease to come out naturally. For some women, this disadvantage is a significant advantage, since there is no need to apply the best lubricant for menopause
  • Water-based. A natural remedy that quickly penetrates the mucous membrane, nourishing and moisturizing it naturally. The best sexual lubricant for menopause leaves no characteristic marks on clothes, as it is completely absorbed by the body. There is a minimum risk of developing irritation or an allergic reaction since all components are natural. Of the shortcomings, a quick absorption process is distinguished, which requires the application of the means several times during intercourse.
  • On a fat basis. The best personal lubricant for menopause contains in its composition nutritious oils that not only moisturize, but retain a feeling of moisture for a long time. Do not combine it with condoms, as they can cause a violation of their integrity. The best lubricant for intercourse after menopause can leave marks on clothes, therefore, after use, they require additional hygiene procedures.

Water lubricants are the most common and widely demanded. They are most often prescribed by doctors to women during menopause. As practice shows, the selection of the most suitable is carried out after using several varieties. The best lubricant for sex after menopause can be found with the help of your gynecologist, don’t be afraid to ask a piece of authoritative advice.