Hair Color Chart for Beautiful Results at Home| Lovehairstyles.Com

Hair Color Chart for Beautiful Results at Home| Lovehairstyles.Com

Hair Color Chart That Will Guarantee Best DIY Results

Sometimes women wish they could color their hair at home, but they don’t know where to start. That is a high calling by the way. Perhaps you already have some hair color in your mind that you want to start with. However, you need a hair color chart to be able to choose the right shades depending on your hair type and natural color.

Understanding the box hue basics can assist you in your selection to narrow down the right colors. Here are some of the basic things you should know about the hair color chart and some universal shades. See this link for more info.

  1. Roma Blonde.

This subtle blonde colour with cool undertones is best defined as “smoky blonde” with blue and purple hints. At level ten, a lot of warm tones are eliminated from the hair, and the remaining is shaded in cool undertones.

If you have dark-mid golden blonde, this is the right color to use to make your hair light.

  1. Tremiti Blonde.

This natural blonde is ideal for the women who want a rich honey blonde hue. In the color chart level nine, the golden blonde color is excellent for the warm skin undertones and ideal for women with a high percentage of gray. For more bold looks, use hair shades that are in levels seven to ten.

  1. Bologna Blonde.

Are you searching for a wheat blonde appearance? Well, this cool blonde color is best for you. Created with numerous cool hues, bologna is the right place to start if you want to move from subtle brown to darker blonde.

  1. Genova Red.

In the hair color chart, this is a combination of gold and copper tones. This comes up with a beautiful light auburn. For the best outcome, utilise colors in levels nine and 5.

  1. Portofino Red

This shade exists between the dark red and the true red. It is created with the two extracts of red to give you a natural looking red. It fits most skin tones. For the best results, use it on levels 8-4.

  1. Trieste Red.

This color can be said to be the deepest red hue, also one of the coolest red we have right now. Created with a natural base shade, Trieste is improved with auburn mahogany undertones to come up with brown and chocolate result.

It looks great on almost all skin tones and highlights green eyes beautifully. For the best results, use hair shade levels seven to three.

  1. Siena Brown.

This is created from the natural base with improved ash undertones to come up with taupe color. Siena brown is ideal for women looking for down Auburn, brassy undertones.

For the best results, utilise shades in the hair color chart levels 7 to four.