A 5-minute yoga session to stretch and destress while in self-isolation

A 5-minute yoga session to stretch and destress while in self-isolation

Get your body moving and soothe your mind with this quick yoga session from fitness studio Lean Bean’s virtual programme.

The coronavirus has changed your life.

You’re stuck in self-isolation, have no gym to go to, and there’s a good chance you’ve been spending hours cooped up in front of your laptop as you try and adjust to life working from home.

It’s in this time where exercise and movement has never been more important for your physical and mental health.

“We’re not going about our usual busy lives at the moment and if we’re not getting the blood flowing, the health of your body and mind will quickly deteriorate,” founder of Lean Bean Fitness Lizzie Bland, tells body+soul.

“Most of us are finding it harder to sleep because of anxiety around the situation but also because we haven’t burnt as much energy as we normally would in the day.”

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In order to relieve any stress and anxiety, Bland explains it’s crucial to perfect a “wind down routine at night” to “help you relax and zen out.”

“Phone is the first thing to go, followed by a long shower, a stretch and then hit the hay.”

So, here’s her 5-minute yoga session from the Virtual Lean Bean programme that will help you stretch and destress. Do this at night like Bland recommends, first thing in the morning or during the day to give yourself a break from your screens.

For more from Lizzie Bland, check out her online Lean Bean programme or follow her on Instagram @leanbeanfitnessau.

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